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Issue #170/1098

Evilchuckles Firestorm, Chapter 11, Sanzo/Hakkai, NC-17 locked to saiyuki (LJ) and here at saiyukiyaoi
Lykotheia Seven Nights of Solace, Part 1 Gojyo/Sanzo, NC-17 locked to saiyukiyaoi

nekomegami_chan Report from Anime Expo


ff.netCollapse )

Issue #64/992

thienaultha Black and White Nii/Ukoku
Convalescence PG-13 Sanzo/Goku (podfic by kispexi2 read by kansouame ), locked to saiyuki @ lj

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You have found saiyuki_news watcher journal.

If you want your updates to appear in the newsletter and you are not already in my watch list, leave me a comment here. You can do the same if you have the opposite problem and don't want me to watch you anymore. Questions, suggestions, anything goes.

Issue #212

Sadly, there seems to have been no activity in the fandom since our last post.

By way of compensation, here'a link to Minekura-sensei's blog where, if you scroll down a little, you'll find a cute chibi picture of Sanzo, Hakkai and Gojyo>.

About friending me

If you see this post on your friends list, then you have decided to friend me for some reason. Most of you are the people, who have requested me to friend them, some are not. You are not required to friend me back, in fact I've tried to discourage it. So far I've just let it be, but it can be a problem.

I try to post about everything Saiyuki-related on my friends page. If it's f-locked to a community, it's okay. Generally it's very easy to join a comm. What I don't feel comfortable with, is accidentally posting about your private entries. I think I did that to you once, rroselavy. I'm sorry. I didn't discover it before I tried to read it under my own personal account. It would be nice to keep the privilege of access to those fics, but that wouldn't be fair to my readers.

To keep it short, here are the reasons why you should defriend me.

  1. It will be easier for me to sort through your entries

  2. Your private entries will stay private. As much as I would like it otherwise, I'm not your friend in the real sense of the word

  3. I never update this journal, you won't get anything back. All the updates are at saiyuki_news

  4. I won't post this fic you meant to leave friends only.

  5. My readers won't accidentally get links to f-locked posts.

Thank you and my apologies for inconveniencing you.

Have a link? Please share!

It was brought to my attention that I don't have any specific post sharing your own Saiyuki links.

If you know that somebody posted a link into non-Saiyuki specific comm or posted something into your own journal or some other archive or have anything else you think should appear on the newsletter, leave me a comment here.

Please let me know what kind of link it is, pairings, if there are any, and rating. Especially if you post a lot of links, it will be very time consuming to go over them all and check what exactly are they. Also make a note if they are locked to a personal journal or moderated community.

Thank you!


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